cultivating connection || grounding relationships


Connection informs our every thought, feeling and action. 


Connection is the base of belonging.


Belonging is survival.


This is a space where we are learning to breathe ourselves through & beyond fear based programming & forgive into love. Together we are reflecting connection & teaching ourselves how to Safely shift into belonging.



The presence &/or absence of Safety has a direct effect on our capacity for connection & belonging.

Awareness of Safety & Lack-of-Safety is integral to the work of cultivating connective relationships with ourselves & those we love. This is why we've developed The Safety Wheel™.

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Donna Blethen


Donna Blethen MFT is  a master relationship therapist with 42 years of professional experience. Her learning in the field has helped her co-create a beautiful 35 year marriage, as well as raising and staying connected with her two courageous sons, their dedicated mates and amazing granddaughters.  Her applied knowledge has enabled her to counsel hundreds of individuals in navigating relational challenges of all kinds.
Donna is  in a moment to moment practice of being and becoming. She is continually learning, expanding, growing through connection with the Divine and channeling information down through her body and into the Earth in everything she thinks, feels, says and does. Donna's spiritual seeking has lead her to study and receive the status of priestess in the Mystery School of Terra Nova.
Her desire in this podcast is to share the wisdom she has acquired to bring peace and healing to the hearts and minds of all whom she can reach. Please spread the word!
Donna sees clients via Zoom through her private practice & offers digitized wisdom through her podcast & website. You can find her at www.wiredforconnection.life

Elden Vala

relationship mediator & coach

Elden resides on the un-ceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone People. he seeks to honor the sanctity & wisdom of this land in all that he does.
Elden brings a decade of experience working with humans as living systems. his work practice(s) center generating awareness of the interplay between sensation, emotion, thought, expression & reception during communication. he brings to his work a sense of reverence for the sanctity of individual & collective experience as well as compassion for the challenge of honoring that sanctity while living in a system that devalues it. Elden shares his practice(s) with individuals & couples in relationship mediation & coaching containers & through the Wired for Connection Podcast.
Elden's practice emerges from a diverse foundation of personal & professional learning with teachers spanning a wide breadth of human experience. Five of his most impactful teachers include his daughter Violet, his partner Ayla, his mother Donna, his father Tom & his ex-wife Laura. He completed the Remember Institute's Heal Thyself program in 2021 & over the last decade+ has received formal training and certification as a health coach, a Holistic Lifestyle Coach & as a ThetaHealer®. his passion & study at present revolve around & within the intersections of systems of domination/oppression & their impact on relationships.

Wired for Connection emerges from the unceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone People (what is known as the San Francisco Peninsula today).


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