ep #2: It's All About Connection

in this episode Donna & Elden discuss the emergence of relational identity as it is shaped by the nuance of life's experience. we share perspectives on how to better move with & within love in all that we are & all that we do.

some of what we touch on includes:

  • on emotions:
    • high & low frequency separated from "good" "bad."
    • emotions as allies for survival.
    • emotions as guiding forces for / toward love.
    • the impact of emotional expression being accepted & rejected


  • layers of development
    • "parts" as worked with through Internal Family Systems (IFS)
      • what was done to them?
      • what was modeled for them?
      • what did they "get away with?"


  • using mindful awareness + breathing to:
    • clear emotional residue. 
    • create space / capacity for emotional sobriety.
    • pause & assess in times of charge.



Remember Institute  & Intersection of Mankind - Rev Brig Feltus

Internal Family Systems - Richard Schwartz

Dr Joe Dispenza Breathing  

HeartMath Institute 

eric erikson stages of development

Emotion Wheel 

Feeling Wheel

the wired for connection podcast is recorded, edited & produced from the un-ceded (stolen) ancestral homelands of the Ramaytush Ohlone people the area commonly referred to as the San Francisco Peninsula.  


intro/outro music by Ayla Rose


*disclaimer: this content is for entertainment purposes only*