ep #3: remembering trust

in this episode Donna & Elden explore the impacts of patriarchal programming on our capacity to trust the fullness of the human experience & be with the truth of our interconnectedness. they share anecdotes of experience(s) of lack-based-beliefs & the "alert's" of shame inherent to them as well as providing a breakdown of the spherical emergence of sensations, feelings & thoughts.   some of what we touch on includes:  

  • the intergenerational impact of patriarchy.
    • fears passed down through nervous system of origin & acculturation.


  • shame
    • "i am wrong" or "i am bad" for doing, saying &/or experiencing something. vs i made a mistake & i have an opportunity to learn.
    • operates as an "alert" for systems of belonging.


  • attribute esteem
    • how do we return to a sense of worth in "being?"
    • prayer's / mantra's to support this re-wiring process.


  •  spherical emergence of internal experience(s).
    • sensations
    • feelings
    • thoughts
    • how the 3 showed up during a specific instance in Elden's experience.



"The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity & Love" - bell hooks

"I Don't Want to Talk About It" - Terry Real

Remember Institute  & Intersection of Mankind - Rev Brig

Internal Family Systems - Richard Schwartz

"What Happened to You" - Dr. Perry + Oprah

Pia Melody


the wired for connection podcast is recorded, edited & produced from the un-ceded (stolen) ancestral homelands of the Ramaytush Ohlone people the area commonly referred to as the San Francisco Peninsula.  


intro/outro music by Ayla Rose


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