ep #5: shared self (Kapwa)

in this episode Donna & Elden speak with guest Ayla Rose. their conversation revolves from, through & around the idea of the shared self as brought forward by the Filipino concept of Kapwa.    


through lines of this conversation include:

  • Kapwa & the concept of the shared self.
    • the interdependent essence connecting us all.


  • individuation
    • both individual & interdependent.
    • the dominant societal container tends to shape a process of separation through harshness & shame.


  • the impact of hyper-independence.
    • lack
    • conflict
    • loneliness


  • internalized racialization.
    • the impact of race on relationship.
    • imbalances of responsibility & capacity.


Links to resources & teachers mentioned:  


Ayla Rose @ www.vrsoco.com

JL Umipig

Remember Institute  & Intersection of Mankind - Rev Brig  


the wired for connection podcast is recorded, edited & produced from the un-ceded (stolen) ancestral homelands of the Ramaytush Ohlone people the area commonly referred to as the San Francisco Peninsula.  


intro/outro music by Ayla Rose


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