what is Safety?

we have not found a simple answer, instead we've come to realize how deeply personal Safety is.

we've noticed that Safety & Lack-of-Safety often look, feel & are very different from moment-to-moment & person-to-person. this realization brought us to a challenge:


can we create a structure to guide a self-examination of Safety & Lack-of-Safety that honors personal experience?


 it is exploring this question that led to us creating the tool & process we call The Safety Wheel. as a system The Safety Wheel is designed to guide an exploration of what impacts, influences & communicates our personal states of Safety & Lack-of-Safety.

The Safety Wheel™ Basics is a digital resource that supports a personal exploration of Safety & Lack of Safety

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why does Safety matter?

to us Safety matters so much because it's presence &/or absence effects our capacity for connection so directly. when we are able to cultivate Safety we are more capable of connecting deeply with ourselves & those whom we love & care about.

but that's not the whole story...

if we desire to nurture & develop our capacity for connection we have to to be able to recognize, acknowledge & accept when our bodies are feeling Unsafe. when we don't we run a very real risk of causing harm both to ourselves & those we are in relationship with.

when we are Unsafe in ourselves we are Unsafe. period.

we recognize that for many Lack-of-Safety is constant, consistent & often ignored/suppressed/by-passed (by necessity or otherwise). we've witnessed time & time again how this reality creates cycles of harm in bodies, minds & relationships at both small & large scales.

we know that an important step to changing this reality in supportive ways has to be one of cultivating awareness of the states of Safety & Lack-of-Safety. we need to build our capacity to recognize what contributes to our states of Safety, Lack-of-Safety & the changes from one toward the other. The Safety Wheel™ is a tool designed to support us in tracking the nuance of these dynamic states in tangible ways.

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this system is: 

  • a dynamic process of exploring the personal experiences shaping the states of Safety & Lack-of-Safety as they occur in our bodies, minds & environments.
  • a guided practice of noticing how / when / where we experience shifting between Safety & Lack-of-Safety.
  • a tool to support us in cultivating awareness & relational capacity within our lived experiences of both Safety & Lack-of-Safety.



this system is not: 

  • a one-size-fits-all-answers to what Safety or Lack-of-Safety.

  • a tool to tell you exactly what to do or when to do it to create Safety for yourself.

  • a philosophy emphasizing the moral superiority of the state of Safety.

  • static.

The Safety Wheelis a process & tool designed to supplement & support the work of relational development & self-discovery.


The Safety Wheel™ is best approached from a baseline (or higher) awareness of one's sensations, emotions & thoughts as they pertain to Safety & Lack-of-Safety. 


for those new to the work of relational development &/or self-discovery we recommend using the The Safety Wheel with the support & guidance of an experienced practitioner.
we also recommend the support & guidance of an experienced practitioner in using the The Safety Wheel™ for those who have unprocessed &/or substantial trauma.

The Safety Wheelis provided in 3 formats

The Safety Wheel™ Basics


A free DIY resource for "solo-safety-exploration."

This resource provides the basics of what The Safety Wheel™ is & how to use it. It is best for those who have lots of experience with tracking sensations, emotions, body physiology & external impactors.

*This format is not recommended for those with a history of acute / unprocessed / substantial trauma*

Download The Safety Wheel™ Basics 

The Safety Wheel™ Guided


A private container facilitated by an experienced practitioner.

This format allows for a guided exploration of The Safety Wheel at a pace best fitting You & Your needs.

We have several practitioners on deck to work with You in exploring Your lived experience of Safety & Lack-of-Safety through the The Safety Wheel.

Guided private sessions cost between $100-250/session dependent on Your needs & the practitioner best equipped to meet them.

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The Safety Wheel™ eCourse


A comprehensive eCourse designed to guide you through an exploration of your living experience of Safety & Lack-of-Safety through The Safety Wheel™.

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