"the roots of a lasting relationship are mindfulness, deep listening and loving speech."

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

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words from those already using the pdf to deepen their listening:

"This is absolutely phenomenal. Printed this out a few days ago and have left it next to my bedside and have read it before I go to bed to remind myself to check in with myself and feel the sensations when I'm listening, I've become aware of a few things and it's helped me with the below. Thank you so much for sharing with me!

- bringing awareness to my experience - being the observer as I'm listening 

- I didn't realize how I would take things in as I would listen and it would trigger me (a specific sensation would come up such as constriction in my throat or tightness / uneasiness in my stomach) based on how someone else is speaking and then I would react. 

- This guide has helped me become aware of my listening, sensations that come up, pausing/breathing and connecting with those sensations BEFORE I react to the listening of someone else. 

- It's also allowed me to make sense of what is happening and not project my experience onto other people. I have found myself feeling "blocked", "tight", "disconnected" "fragile" and it's made me react in an unpleasant way that I don't want to."